What is Studio 25?

Studio 25 is a place where artists, photographers, and entrepreneurs can create, learn, and grow. Studio 25 members and students can grow their businesses and achieve their creative goals through a dedicated creative space and access to a quality photography studio. Public workshops let professionals and hobbyists hone their craft and connect with their peers, too.

Here’s a glimpse of how we anticipate the main workspace looking:




Why is Studio 25 important for the Miami Valley?

Freelancing and entrepreneurship is on the rise. Small Business Trends reports that over half of the US workforce will be freelancers within 10 years!

It can be hard to start your own business, though, and Studio 25’s goal is to empower creatives and entrepreneurs to create, learn, and grow. Studio 25 will:

  • Offer monthly business growth workshops
  • Create opportunities for local entrepreneurs to expand their income streams
  • Give students from Cedarville University the chance to jump start their artistic careers

Studio 25 also expects to create jobs in 2018 and is already collaborating with other local businesses. We provide an incubator-style co-working space for creative entrepreneurs rather than for technology businesses – a need that we are excited to fill in the Miami Valley!

How does Studio 25 help me?

For entrepreneurs: Studio 25 offers not only co-working space and a photography/videography studio, but also workshops, business coaching, networking opportunities, and additional income streams.

Here are the main benefits our members will receive:




For creatives: Studio 25 will host creative workshops – everything from painting and photography to jewelry making and hand lettering. You can attend a single workshop or purchase a Class Pass in order to enjoy more classes and creative community each month.

We will also offer open studio hours once a month for Class Pass members and will occasionally open the studio to the community for creative passion projects.

What will Studio 25 look like when finished?

Here is how we envision the main workspace looking when we’re finished:

This is an overhead look at the entire workspace:

If we reach our stretch funding goals, we will also be able to furnish:

  • A lounge area for members and photography clients (see the couch and armchair?)
  • Movable room dividers for additional privacy when desired

Where is Studio 25 located?

Studio 25 is located in the heart of Cedarville, a charming southwest Ohio village. There are several convenient parking lots, including one directly adjacent to the photography studio entrance! We are within easy walking distance of the local post office, coffee shops, and restaurants.

When will Studio 25 open?

Studio 25 anticipates opening in before summer 2018. The studio is currently under renovations, so we can’t give an exact date until we’re closer to completion.

We have already secured our perfect studio space, complete with separate rooms for the Studio 25 art gallery, a great work area, storage space, and the photography studio. We’ve garnered great local media coverage through our inaugural Electronics Recycling Drive and Fine Arts Show. We’re already partnering with local businesses, including Cedarville University, as well as local artists, too!



We’re creatives and entrepreneurs, just like you. (And clearly we like to laugh together!) We’ve known each other since college and the seeds of Studio 25 formed when Elizabeth moved out on her own a couple years ago… and into an apartment too small to hold an easel. We realized that Elizabeth wasn’t the only artist who didn’t have a suitable space to work and we knew we had to do something about it!

Our skills have blended beautifully to create Studio 25. Jenn owns Unit 25 Creative + Consulting and provides Business Growth Coaching to Unit 25 clients; she will serve as Studio 25’s Operations Manager. Elizabeth is a freelance artist and will serve as our Creative Director at Studio 25. Both of us will also be teaching classes and workshops at Studio 25 as well.

We can’t wait to launch Studio 2 in  2018! Our vision is for the Studio to be a welcoming community of artists, photographers, and creative entrepreneurs. We look forward to helping our members make a living doing what they LOVE and we’re excited to bring more creative arts into the Studio 25 community through workshops and classes.